Gratitude, Day 16: A List

NOTE: I am a fan of 30-day challenges, and November is traditionally a time of two: National Novel Writing Month, and 30 Days of Thanks. As I am not a fiction writer, this year I have chosen to publish a daily blog for the entire month, expressing my gratitude. This may not be entirely food-focused, but expect recipes aplenty. Feel free to join me in the comments below. What are you thankful for today?

This is not how I envisioned this month going, blogging-wise.

The last time I did this challenge, it was a straight-up daily blog. There wasn’t the gratitude element to it, which I often complete every November in a journal instead, as a list.

There is no significance to this method – the separation of blog and list – except that it is often less challenging to simply make a list of the myriad ways I am blessed on a daily basis (#ToUseTheVernacular). A November challenge should be challenging, and I am Champion of the Listmakers.

It’s not that I didn’t write today – I did. But it was not this.

And I worked teaching yoga to small creatures who were very trying on this day but still managed to be beautiful.

And I made a pie and then spread that pie all over Baltimore on small white styrofoam plates, covered in foil.

So here I sit now at 9 p.m. in my kitchen, having just returned home from a poetry reading. I have snacked on┬ásome pie and some coconut cake and some of the delicious pumpkin pie ice cream that Khristian’s daughter made and am now tasked with following through on the challenge I have set myself.

Today that will come in the form of a list. #ItHappens

Today I am most grateful for:

  1. Editors that get back to you immediately.
  2. Lenar (spelling?) who is just about the nicest person on the planet
  3. FaceTime because it allowed me to have a long, newsy chat with my Gorgeous Girl across the ocean
  4. The Wire. Just because.

Tomorrow is another day.

What are you grateful for today?