Gratitude, Day 27: Hard Pass

NOTE: I am a fan of 30-day challenges, and November is traditionally a time of two: National Novel Writing Month, and 30 Days of Thanks. As I am not a fiction writer, this year I have chosen to publish a daily blog for the entire month, expressing my gratitude. This may not be entirely food-focused, but expect recipes aplenty. Feel free to join me in the comments below. What are you thankful for today?

This is my first Thanksgiving weekend away from my child, ever.

My knee hurts.

My back hurts.

My brain hurts.

The dog won’t stop gnawing at his hot spots even though he has worn the Cone of Shame for a week.

Khristian and I are suffering from poor communication, potentially due to the first sentence of this blog today (or any other number of things that crop up when navigating a relationship that occurs after everyone packs their steamer trunks of baggage and brings them along).

The Seahawks just lost a piss-poor outing.

I just remembered that there are massive typos in yesterday’s blog that I did not correct this morning as I said I would (but I will by the time anyone reads this).

Tomorrow is my dead father’s birthday. Nine and a half years, and Thanksgiving was his favorite holiday.

I applied liberal amounts of shopping and cooking and tried to apply some football, but it just didn’t take.

So today, I am grateful that I can opt out of being grateful. 

What are you grateful for?


4 thoughts on “Gratitude, Day 27: Hard Pass

  1. Opt out away! The power to choose and own all the crap of life is so freeing! Grateful to read your post feeling crappy myself!

  2. I’m with you. Sometimes the list of things to feel thankful for seems short. I’m trying to enjoy that list regardless of how many things are listed. I also keep trying to focus on doing the hard work necessary to be and remain healthy. Some days it’s so freakin hard though.

    My inner monologue often goes something like this, too,

    “Wow. I’m feeling like it’s a shitfest today.”
    “Oh, well, you have a lot to feel bad about. Let me tell you a story about the little children of Syria.”
    “Shut the Hell up. I know I have it better than so many people. But, let me tell you a story about how some really horrible people have it so much better than I do! And if you utter the phrase ‘first world problems’ I am so going to kick your ass!”
    “Wow! Such violent tendencies!”
    “Oh, hell no! The ass kicking shall a’commence.”
    “Um, this is happening in your head. Whose ass are you going to kick?”
    “Ok. Shut the hell up. I’m done with you. I’ve got shit to do today, people to help, bourbon to drink, and life to enjoy.”
    “My work is done here.”
    “Sometimes, I hate you.”

    Well, it often goes something like that. I hope your day today goes well, or a least gets better. If it doesn’t, just remember it’s always five mins until yoga. And by “yoga” I mean bourbon.

    Much love and cheers.

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