Quick Links: Fall Cocktails

This cocktail is called a Hanky Panky. For realz. (image source)

It’s the most wonderful time of year.

Decorative gourd season is in full swing, yes, but I am talking about delicious, satisfying, spice-filled fall cocktail season. 

No, they are not all apple or pumpkin-spiced, but those certainly have their place on this list. Here are delicious cocktails to try as the leaves come a-tumblin’ down.

Jamaican Coffee: While this link purports to have been written in the summer, in my book, boozy after-dinner coffee is a full-frontal-fall experience. Feel free to play with ratios, depending on if it’s a school night or not.

Caramel Apple Martini: I don’t give a rat’s ass if this recipe makes me a girl. I LOVE CARAMEL APPLES. I could roll around in them. This drink is dangerous for me because it is SO GOOD.


Tantes Medicine: Because fall means back to school and the entry into a festering petri dish of germy children, one must have a go-to healing cocktail. This is that. Feel free to change up the tea if Earl Grey is not your thing. Bergamot isn’t for everyone.

Chipotle Cherry Bourbon Smash: This beautiful beverage comes courtesy of Bit By A Fox, a website all about drinking and drinks. I appreciated a well-crafted libation, and this cocktail fits the bill. I made some brandied cherries back in late June when sour cherries were at their luscious peak, and now is a good time to see how they are doing. 

I feel like I might just spend all weekend trying out these cocktails. A hurricane is as good an excuse as any to get loaded, I suppose. Might as well do it with a fancy cocktail. 

What’s your fall beverage of choice?