Gratitude, Day 26: Let Me Cook For You

NOTE: I am a fan of 30-day challenges, and November is traditionally a time of two: National Novel Writing Month, and 30 Days of Thanks. As I am not a fiction writer, this year I have chosen to publish a daily blog for the entire month, expressing my gratitude. This may not be entirely food-focused, but expect recipes aplenty. Feel free to join me in the comments below. What are you thankful for today?

I won’t lie – today’s gratitude was almost extended for the pecan pie I made last night and of which I ate shameful amounts today, including a decent-sized portion for breakfast and maybe another slice for lunch and probably another shortly.

This is as it should be, just a day late. Pie should be consumed for breakfast on the day after Thanksgiving. It’s pretty much a constitutional amendment, and I BROKE THE LAW by not eating any on Friday.

But I digress.

It was almost pie I was grateful for today, but then I started organizing myself to cook for people on Sunday and Monday.

I love this work.

Today, I am grateful for the fact that I get to cook for people AS A JOB, in the comfort of my own home for their enjoyment and much positive feedback.

Not only do I get to play with new flavors and foods, but I also get to feed tired, hungry people good food when they drag themselves home after a long day. When people leave their house in the dark and come home in the dark, it’s nice to have something delicious to eat.

Not only THAT, but I also get to make lists.

I am an inveterate, unrepentent list maker.
I am an inveterate, unrepentant list maker.

If I don’t have lists and things to check off, then I would not have any idea what I should be doing.

The list above is for six families this week (my max is ten), and it’s heavy on the fresh veg which is also nice to come home to when you are tired, hungry, and maybe a little grumpy.

Food is love, and I am grateful to spread that love all around.

What are you grateful for today?